Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Brief Lesson In Sunshine

A solar flare of considerable size and power

Don't park your go-cart on the sun
don't park your skateboard or your razor on the sun
don't park your mountain bike or scooter with
a clown horn or a hooter don't park anything NASA's not tutored
on the sun.  Don't mess with the heliosphere
don't fuck up the corona don't throw old popcorn or discard soda
don't park your pickup to kiss your girlfriend
within a light year or with your door open
a solar mass ejection might damage your erection
even wearing goggles don't go there for a snoggle
don't do back flips or wheelies on the sun.

Taken in ultraviolet light. Temperatures of areas shown as white: one million degrees
The solar magnetic field.  It flips every eleven years.  It's getting ready to flip again.