Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tribute To My Wife's Father

This poem is a tribute on the anniversary of the death of my wife's father.
He lived from June 20, 1917 to May 4, 1991.  He was a good father who adored his daughter.
May he look over us and protect us from harm.


Listen carefully.
If you have held a child in  your lap,
tenderly, warmly, feeling yourself flow
into your child, feeling yourself melt
into your child,
that is how you, too, are being held, always.
Your child also holds another child,
a future child who is eternally present,
in his or her lap.
And that child holds a being,
living, evolving, eternally present,
in his or her lap.
And what holds you in its lap
is being held by something greater,
warmly, tenderly, and that too
is being held by something greater still
in its lap, infinitely held, holding,
creating, soothing, caring,
angels hold other angels
in their laps,
Buddhas care for their Boddhisatvas,
holding, tender,
nothing is alone,
no one is lost,
no crime fails to meet justice,
no tragedy is without triumph,
no pain without a holding caring hand
of infinite sorrow and love.
Listen carefully.

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