Monday, August 6, 2018

The Conscious Agent

You are a conscious agent, living within a human body.  When the lungs stop breathing, when the heart stops beating, the conscious agent packs up the tools it needs for its next journey.  Where will the conscious agent be going?  That depends on a lot of things.  Destiny is a very large word.  It’s also an unavoidable word.  Every creature has a destiny.  Every sentient, thinking and feeling creature has a destiny that is an outcome from the way the particular life has been lived.  The events of each life are decided outside of time, hence, they are immutable.

You and I can’t change what is going to happen.  The only thing we can change, as conscious agents, is our response to what happens.  That response is the instrument of change in the next existence. 
You can’t change the life you’re in, but you can use the life you’re in to change the next life you will live.

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