Friday, February 22, 2019

It Don't Rub Off

Feb 22, 2019

More and more each day
my life looks like a stage set.
my green rubber key chain,
the white bowl from which
I eat Cheerios.
More and more it looks less real;
it's nothing like I wanted, not at all.
It's more like a joke that's on me, the opposite
of my desires.  It waits to see
if I'll laugh.  I do; I laugh. It's so silly, wanting,
but it can't be helped.  Wanting is like breathing
or waiting
while something giant hurtles towards me
too far away to sense,
but it's coming.
And I need it.
I'm in no hurry to see through things;
they control the pace.
Who I am
is not a mistake. I came here for an exercise
a knowledge that slips through my fingers.
One day my fist will close around it.
My car is banged up and cut
my knees hurt.
I'm poor but never broke.
My broke friends know
I'll find something for them to do
and I'll pay them.
I carry some of their Stupid for a while.
It don't rub off. 
I always think I'm injured but I'm not:
except that life is injury, an obscure pathway
through a forest full of thrilling birds
and venomous snakes.
Is this real?
Yeah, I guess so.  For now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019




feb 18, 2019

There's shit on my shoes;
cat shit, dog shit, I hope that's all shit.
Every step I take I risk stepping in shit:
Is this not life?  There's nothing wrong with shit.
Like bugs, we need shit, desperately
to nourish with its stink the most unlikely growth.
This poo is for you, it says, as I wipe it off my shoe
foolishly trying to keep it from my hands, then washing
again and again. How often in a day do I inwardly exclaim,
"Shit!"? More than I would admit. My mind is full of bricks, pies and purges.
Cats, dogs, owls, horses, all shit, people shit,
the universe shits on these very shoes
which I try so hard to keep clean. Many are obsessed
with the microscopic haunt of e.coli. I don't bother to say
"Relax, we intermix with e.coli and far worse
every day, we are sturdy,
knocking off shits bugs right and left, undaunted
by the invisible spores of imagination". Instead I give this benediction:
"You must be crazy in whatever way you want."
Not every disease is preventable, nor is every affliction brought on board
by the shit on our shoes.  Every time you stroke the cat, the dog, the horse
your hands investigate bacteria, resist infection.
After all, shit is the most common thing in the world.

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