Photos: Visions of New Realities

In Arches. Look at the man way to the right for a sense of scale.
Me at five, doing the Vulcan Mind Meld

Comet Over Water
Little Gracie

The Thousand Year Breath
The Valley Sleeps Under Gemini
Lone Tree In Utah
The Bridge
End Of The Long Night
Night Fishing
Healing Hands 
Camper At Pyramid Lake
Orion Over T he Reservoir
Woman  Views The Sea
Milky Way At Glacier Point
Star Trails At Yosemite

By The Bay

Night Stroll
Fountain of Truth
The Flood of 08 Petaluma

Tiburon Yacht Harbor

My lady and a cat

Cookie Man

Father and Daughter


Home Sweet Home

Self Portrait

Bicycle Racers

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