Friday, November 5, 2010

The Self

Be a person
whenever you get the chance.
Be new.  Distinguish yourself
from primal ooze.
Form intelligence,
pursue it with outrageous diligence.
What an opportunity!
To exist
as a discreet form,
a single mind,
may be rare as a precious gem.
Some gurus teach
that there is no self.
I think there’s so much self
that it’s easy to suffer
mistaken identity.
There is a self to be.
There is a mind to think,
a body to feel
a soul that is real.
Wave flags of your own design
crazily, where no one can see them.
Wave yourself in all your colors,
dance until you are without breath.
Be a person,
don’t hesitate. 
Don’t be one of those pallid beings
who die without filling up
with madness, with tragedy and passion,
with glorious mistakes and profound learning.
This is it, your big chance.
Be a person.  Be afraid, be brave,
be wrong, be right, it doesn’t matter,
just be
what you are and invent everything else
as you go along. 

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