Monday, January 30, 2012

Twelve Angels

Angel One by Art Rosch
Twelve Angels

Everyone can have twelve angels.
Everyone.  All that is required is desire.
If you are alive
and  can imagine the idea
of having twelve angels,
they are yours.
They will protect you, guide you, teach you,
and make a home for you in the world of spirit
while you struggle with the trials of your life.
Everyone can have twelve angels.
That which is Great Spirit
does more than create.
Great spirit delegates. 
Great spirit has structured the cosmos
so that twelve angels are always ready, anywhere,
to help in a moment of terror, to comfort in an emergency,
to guide the living along the pathways to death and beyond,
towards another kind of life.
Twelve angels are yours now.
Just ask them for what you need.
They don't always grant what you want.
But they know what you need and bring it to you
before you know yourself
what is coming down the trail of the future.
Next time you meet a stranger
it is possible that this person has twelve angels
and doesn't know it.  If you tell him, he will
think you're crazy, so it's best to stay quiet.
Light years beyond the wildest dream, twelve angels for every mind
that seeks to know truth, are there, the twelve of them,
there for you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Prayer For 2012

ShoShow me the way, Lord.
I am always your student.
I am always in love with you.
I am always willing to change myself
to follow the deepest promptings
that you have planted in my heart.
Show me not the answer, 
show me the right questions
to ask. Show me what is right
and I will try as best I can
to do it. I will fail, often.
If I ask for something that does not help me, 
show me the error, and lead me to that
which helps me.
Show me how to love, Lord.
Many things pose as love; 
how do I sort my way through all the masks
that show themselves as love
that are not love.
Show me how to live my life.
I walk in a trance, 
I move without being awake
I act without a plan.
My head is fuzzy; my limbs do not respond well.
My walk is tilted.
I don’t know when I’m hungry.
I eat whenever my stomach hurts.
I breathe air that I have spoiled.
My spirit seems clogged. Though I want to fly
I have no wings.
Teach me how to recognize you, Lord.
help me listen
to know your voice
when I hear it.
A thousand teachings flood my senses 
until I am falling over the ropes of words
of those who claim to be wise.
Cloudy mysticism is everywhere: 
“we are all one, god is in all of us, 
listen to the silence within you, ”
so many messages that do not bear
on my experience of reality.
I only know what my day presents, 
nothing more. I can feel my fellow humans, 
their fears and their dreams.
I would serve and be served by them
if I had something real to give.
Show me what is real, Lord.
Show me a work that is generous and clean.
Show me how best to use my gifts, 
for you have given me so many, 
yet I squander them
and am left with a greed
that controls me.
Help me not to ask for help, Lord.
Or help me ask for help, 
for it is confusing to know what provides
dignity. Confusion is not dignity
unless you sanctify my confusion
as a worthy state. 
Show me what is possible, Lord.
I would love to believe that anything
is possible.
I need to have faith in Faith.
My senses tell me 
that nothing is fixed, that the earthly world
swirls like a fluid dream. I want to know
what is true, Lord.
If nothing is fixed, then nothing is impossible.
Show me how to master it, Lord.
At the depths of my heart, I long to master life.
I long to master awareness itself.
Show me my own mind, Lord.
I don’t know who else to ask, but You.
Everything is important, Lord.
Everything. Show me how to wear myself
in the best light. Show me grace, Lord, show me
all the things I have forgotten, all the things I knew
when I was young, whan I was a child, 
before I lost my courage, 
before I knew what courage is, 
before I cared whether I won or lost
or tied or died or lived well
or lost myself in dark valleys, 
before I learned to walk, 
before I learned to talk
before I learned to think.
Show me everything, Lord, 
show me all that I need
and all that I can handle
to create me as your heart’s desire.
Show me how to make your heart’s desire
my heart’s desire, 
that I may walk alongside you
secure in the knowing of you
as my friend and mentor.
Show me, Lord, show me, show me
I weep with desire, show me
reveal it to me though it be too bright
reveal it to me in the little bits that you deem right, 
any way you want to bring me into your heart, 
Lord, just show me. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Scam Of Self Transformation

They're everywhere.  There are thousands of would-be gurus, life coaches, revealers of new techniques, New Age formulators of ways to help you empower yourself, to get what you really want out of life.  They're all offering you a way out of your problems.  Everything will be fine if you follow the Eleven Laws of Committment, or the Seven Ways of Tai-Fen, or The Secret's True Secret At The Heart Of The True Secret's Truest Secret.
            Relationships, Money, Health.  Those are the holy trinity upon which are based the promises of the Salesmen of Miraculous Change.  These salesmen will show you how to cut through the knot of your obstacles, how to rid yourself of the Negative Energies that have been keeping success at bay. For only $75, or $350, or whatever amount applies, you can purchase the Program.  You'll receive your DVD, The Book, and maybe a T-shirt or a coffee mug.  There are essential accessories, like tuning forks and magic water and The Program doesn't really work unless you have these gizmos to enhance your Chi.  Gee.  If you follow the techniques diligently, the mess of your life will clear up very soon, maybe in a few months.  You might start to see change immediately!  Your life will begin to work for you!
            Are people THAT miserable?
            Yes.  A lot of people are.
            Many, too many people are sick and stressed out.  We've been hooked on the Happiness Con  our entire lives.  It got cooked into The American Dream.   It means different things to different people but those of us beyond a certain age have a veritable cellular expectation that the Good Times are going to roll.  Our lives are supposed to be Fulfilling.  That's written into the contract.  Isn't it?
          Now that it hasn't worked out the way we planned we're in a state of shock.  How did our lives get so fucked up?  We were supposed to be happy, we were guaranteed a life of abundance so long as we got our degrees and certificates as we went around the track.   We were also expected to be "nice".  We weren't supposed to make Bad Karma.
            Bad Karma happened anyway.  We chose the wrong partners, made dumb business decisions and indulged in escapist activities.  Whoops!

            I call this state of affairs Human Life.   Some of us are more messed up than others, it's true, but the bedrock reality is that everything is a mess.  I'm not saying that we can't and shouldn't work on our characters.  I'm not saying we can't or shouldn't put compassion into action on the stage of life.  I'm not saying that miracles don't happen. Clearly they do.  Big ones and little ones.  The world is filled with miracles, the world IS a miracle.  It's just that the world is also a mess.  How are we supposed to live in a messed up world without being ourselves messed up?
            I believe that most of the Self Empowerment carpetbaggers are sincere.  They really believe their own schtick.  They're selling books,  DVDs and T-shirts.  They have followers.  People attend their seminars.   I can't help wondering if, deep down in the ooze of their suppressed Negative Energy, they don't have a little twinge of guilt.  Nah, probably not.  Ninety nine percent of their followers, or consumers, are failing to transform their lives.  They're still overweight, or single, overwhelmed with financial problems,  fighting with a partner or confused by the demands of parenthood.  Hence they sign up for the Advanced Course.
            The Self Transformation Industry is just that, an industry.  It's loaded with hyperbolic advertising.  If you want to transform yourself, it will happen organically.  All you need to do is aim your intention and cooperate with your own life.  Good things will happen, and bad things will happen.  Usually it's the pain that does the most transforming. 

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