Monday, January 30, 2012

Twelve Angels

Angel One by Art Rosch
Twelve Angels

Everyone can have twelve angels.
Everyone.  All that is required is desire.
If you are alive
and  can imagine the idea
of having twelve angels,
they are yours.
They will protect you, guide you, teach you,
and make a home for you in the world of spirit
while you struggle with the trials of your life.
Everyone can have twelve angels.
That which is Great Spirit
does more than create.
Great spirit delegates. 
Great spirit has structured the cosmos
so that twelve angels are always ready, anywhere,
to help in a moment of terror, to comfort in an emergency,
to guide the living along the pathways to death and beyond,
towards another kind of life.
Twelve angels are yours now.
Just ask them for what you need.
They don't always grant what you want.
But they know what you need and bring it to you
before you know yourself
what is coming down the trail of the future.
Next time you meet a stranger
it is possible that this person has twelve angels
and doesn't know it.  If you tell him, he will
think you're crazy, so it's best to stay quiet.
Light years beyond the wildest dream, twelve angels for every mind
that seeks to know truth, are there, the twelve of them,
there for you.


  1. My stats tell me 125 people have read this poem.
    This is my work. You could spread the word; you could comment. You could be a friend.I'm testing this belief; it's metaphor. It need not be literal.
    But what if it is? Wouldn't that be beautiful? I view it as a stained glass window held up to the light. How much truth comes through?
    I need your help.

  2. Hey Art, has a BIG poetry reading base

  3. Tom, I have noticed that Lafango has a certain vigor. I'll pay closer attention.
    Thanks, amigo.


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