Sunday, January 30, 2011


There is no truth but your own experience.
There is no method other than what you have, by trial and error,
found best enables you to survive.
It is difficult to achieve psychological health, because we are always deluded.
It is difficult to achieve physical health because we are always dying.
There is no teacher other than personal experience;
all other teachers are more like friends from whom one gleans important  information.
The Self is a point of view in a vast ocean of differing points of view.
Inventing a  Self is a lifelong creative project.
The quality of information one possesses translates to the quality of the life one lives.
Bad parents transmit bad information.
Consciousness is an experiment with different forms of information,
sifting through those that denigrate the self, selecting those
that optimize the self.
With the above in mind, it behooves one to act with the best judgment possible
under the circumstances, always bearing in mind that one’s compulsions, i.e.
the results of bad information, are always undermining good judgment.
It is useless to create inner tension between some mythical ideal of health
and what one actually is.  Being what one is always takes precedence over
myths and ideals of competence, good judgment, wholeness, wellness
and enlightenment.  Enlightenment is possible at any moment, but the more
it becomes a goal, the more elusive it is to attain.

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