Friday, February 18, 2011

Falling Off

The expression "It's all good" has become so pervasive that it's little more than a cliche.  Like many cliches,
it contains wisdom, but the "all good" has become washed away by endless vapid repetition.  I wrote this poem on July 4, 1999.  I guess it's my version of "it's all good."

Falling Off

It always falls


away from the center,

to one side or the other,

just as you thought

you had the perfect understanding

the right groove,

the hint of a divine moment.

The divine moment is in

the off

as much as the on,

the sour stomach,

the moment of paranoia,

the lancing of passionate bubbles. 

There is no off.

There is only on, 

and the other on.        

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