Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Momma Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Early morning view from inside our RV

Talk about a day that goes wrong.  Let me 'splain, Lucy.  We live in an RV, in a campground.  One of the campground rules is that once a year we have to uproot ourselves and move to another site.  I must make it very clear that site choice is a fine art, and it takes a veteran to choose a site that isn't next door to hip-hoppin' meth-lab freaks who d'zizz all night long.  And that's just on the left side.  On the right side I might have a seventy five year old evangelical lady who wears the same two mu-mus and loves to proselytize her religion and hand out copies of her church magazine, Apocalypse How. 
            No no.  A  good site is a gift.  And we had a good site.  The change shouldn't have been too bad.  We were moving next door.  We have an arrangement whereby we keep swapping with our neighbor, back and forth, etc.  The neighbor isn't bad. She's as loony as the rest of us, but she's quiet.
            Unfortunately, she knows nothing of RV maintenance.  Her gigantic fifth wheel has been decaying before our eyes, and this time, when MOVING TIME arrived, she couldn't move.  Things didn't function.  Her slides wouldn't go in and out.  Hence, she was stuck.  Hence we were stuck.
            Let's cut to the chase.  Eight or nine hours later I had to drive our 38 foot motor coach around the  circular road that services the RV park.  I clipped a planter full of flowers and caved in one of my bay doors.  In certain places, the amount of space through which to drive a big RV can be pretty tight.  I had to go around again, because the neighbor STILL wasn't ready.  On the second go-around, someone had parked a car where it hadn't been before.  I had inches to clear on each side.  I'm watching mirrors and sticking my head out the window and the manager is somewhere behind me screaming "turn right, no turn left, no back up!"
            I clipped the manager's RV.  I should say I clipped ONE of the manager's RVs because he buys and sells them after refurbishing.  My clip made a ding about six inches long next to his headlight.  You wouldn't see it if you weren't looking for it.
I can't show you pics because now I'm in the midst of an insurance claim.
            It's been that kind of day.

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