Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Key To A Good Relationship

Healing Hands: mine and Fox's.  My left hand was pressing the shutter release.
A Key To A Good Relationship

            My wife and I have been together for almost eleven years.  I can't imagine having anyone being as close to me as she is.  We are like two tuning forks, vibrating at the same frequency.  I know what she is feeling, when she is feeling it, and I always know that she understands me.  That's a gift, a god-send.
            Our lives are not easy.  We duel with illness, poverty and aging.  We're really struggling.  But being together in adversity makes that adversity more bearable; I know someone's got my back.
            We may be hanging on the very fringes of society.  We are daily bombarded with messages from this culture that tell us we're not valued as elders, we are dispensable and  no one cares about our health or our future.
            Yet we have a successful relationship.  How much is that worth?  Everyone knows that a great relationship is priceless.  The Fox and I have one, and I'll share a lesson that I've learned about maintaining such a gift.
            We never forget to be courteous to one another.  In large things and in small, we speak gently, say "thank you", "please", and offer words of praise.
            It would be so easy to take one another for granted.  It would be so easy to leave out the endearments and the expressions of gratitude.  But we're getting old.
We don't know how long we have on this earth.  So we'll continue to nurture one another with every passing day, gratefully.  


  1. What a touching commentary on your relationship. I had some students tell me that they thought a long relationship would be anything "beyond 4 years". I'm rather certain I didn't even know the names of all my in-laws by then! We're in a similar boat, without a lot of security but with a lot of love. In the end, I think we win. Best of luck to you.

  2. Thank you, Bernice, for your comment, and also for being here reading my blog! Please tell your friends about me.




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