Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Perfect Gift! The OJ Simpson Crime 15th Anniversary Commemorative Coffe Mug

This exquisite limited edition mug, fired and glazed at the Franklin Ceramics Works in a run of only ten thousand, is guaranteed to become a collector’s classic.  Valued today at $200, it has every chance of increasing its value each year.  Like the "Crash of Flight 103 Dinner Plate", the "OJ Simpson Crime Coffee Mug" is an excellent investment, as well as being an esthetic delight!

On one side is an OJ Football Star picture, painted by distinguished artist Mellarina Flinger. On the other side, utilizing new holographic technology, is the Dorian Grey-style picture of OJ’s soul as it deteriorates into a disgusting caricature of the heroic and lovable OJ!

 Order Now!  When these mugs are gone, they are gone!  Don’t miss the oppportunity to add this wonderful piece to your collection.  "The Jon-Benet Ramsey Teacup and Saucer Set " is now valued at well over $1000, and the "Princess Di Crash Car Platter" is considered priceless! 


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