Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight Loss: Fact Or Fiction?

Do you dream of going to sleep fat and waking up thin?  Now your dreams can become reality!.  Two tablets of Thindremeä before bed will melt the pounds away as you sleep!  The more you sleep the thinner you will get.  Thanks to the clinically proven principle of DCE (Dynamic Caloric Extrapolation), this miracle compound acts upon the metabolism of your slumbering body and discards fat cells AS YOU DREAM!
It has long been overlooked that eye movement during REM sleep is a vigorous form of exercise. By harnessing the exertions made during your REM sleep, the more you dream, the more weight you lose!  All this, and it’s affordable, too!*
Within a few weeks you can emerge a brand new person, thin, sexy, appealing, without any effort on your part. Forget about diet, exercise, or futile exertions of  will power.  Thindreme does it for you! Now, literally, you can be the man or woman of your dreams! **
And there’s more!  If you order in the next ten minutes, we will send you, absolutely free of charge, not one, but two of our Cheeky Clean Personal Hygiene Tools.  Not only will we do that, but we will also include two o four Sani-Pleasure Magic Vibration Cleaning Wands!
How can you hesitate?  Order Now!  All forms of payment accepted.  Habla Espanol.  We make payday loans at low interest!.
* Prices may vary according to stock availability and other conditions.
**Thindreme (wowwie zowie hydrochloride) can produce side effects in a significant minority of users, including blurred vision, stuttered speech, nausea,  excess ear wax, demonic visions, spastic extremeties, impotence, frigidity, memory loss, exrtreme body odor,  blurted expletives, colorful flatulence,  Fixed Eye Syndrome, increased hair growth on the lower back, muscle cramp, constipation, diarrhea, logorrhea, Recalcitrant Plebny, and black facial warts.  If dreaming does not occur, or cannot be remembered, possible weight gain is indicated.
A Product of ExCon Industries

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