Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Giving Away Prints!

I believe in my writing. I think there's something special about it, but every writer must believe that, or it would be impossible to go on writing.  Writing is both a brutal and wonderful calling.  The main problem is to attract readers, to persuade people that something really beautiful is going on here.  My poems have popped out in minutes, while my books have taken years, sometimes decades to write.  I feel an equal passion for both the short easy ones and the long works that have been like wrestling alligators.  I love the challenge of writing novels.

I don't wear a religion or spirituality on my sleeve.  I like to be more devioius, I like to be both sacred and profane. I am in what is loosely called the Spirit-Mind-Body culture.  I've put in many years of practice and study. My innate modesty prevents me from boasting of my sublime spiritual achievements.  I am adored by my partner and several dogs and cats.  Now I need fans of my writing.  I am irreverent. I have opinions about gurus, life-coaches, the whole "make your dream come true" philosophy.
We should all go for our dreams, but sometimes one can dream the wrong dream, and achieving it can be a disaster.

Here's the deal.  Sign up as a follower of this blog.  Leave a few comments, or show me that
you're sincere.  I will send you an 8X11 print of your choice from the galleries here or my website
at Get really involved and I'll make it a 12X18.  That's some serious print.

 I write on photography for Shutterbug Magazine and have two covers to my credit.. I've won a United Nations award for environmental photography.  I'm especially fond of night shots, of the beautiful sky.  I've been selling my prints for ten years  Now my writing is gaining momentum.  A few years ago I sold a science fiction story to Playboy, and it won an award.  Now my book, AVOIDING THE POTHOLES: ROAD STORIES OF A CHANGING AMERICA is being requested by agents.

Contact me at or through the blog and we'll talk about what print you want.

Leave comments.  Enjoy.



  1. Art, just read your story in Shutterbug about the RV digital darkroom...fascinating (appropriate blog name...). I'm currently planning a trip out west for next summer. My wife has never seen places like Jackson, WY or Yellowstone, so I think I'm going to find an old pop-up camper to tow along. Alas, I won't be as set as you and your class A, but it's a start. Anything less than the Ritz is a challenge for my wife! :)

    I love your night shots...I've been experimenting with that realm lately with mixed results. Now that I have a d300 I expect them to get a bit better. I'd certainly welcome any tips or tricks you may have when it comes to "noise abatement." Thanks!


  2. oops - somehow I didn't sign in correctly...this is my actual blogger account...

  3. Andy, I use Nik's D'fine as my noise reduction software. I get some complimentary stuff because I write for magazines, etc. I think D'fine is about $160. There are some good
    less expensive, maybe free NR tools out there.
    Most DSLRs noise control software involves taking two shots of equal length. The second shot is a "dark frame" which records the noisy pixels and subtracts them. Very impractical. Do search for NR shareware, or find a scaled-down free version of Noise Ninja or one of those.


  4. Late to the party but discovered your writing from the piece in Shutterbug regarding the "Digital Darkroom". I just read it several month ago and followed the links to your blog and photo website. I developed an interest in photography a couple of years ago (along with millions of other people) and have always had an interest in escaping and traveling in an RV, so I loved that article. In fact, I have it saved on my computer at work so when I really need some quick stress management I read the article. Again. I really like your writing and am especially fond of your real life perspectives on life. I like smart and funny and you have a great talent. I love your photography,too. The night sky, star trails are my favorites. I just went out last night to try my hand at it. Is your book "Avoiding the Potholes" available? Joan

  5. Joan, thanks for your support. It's very much needed.
    I'm sufficiently obscure that I can interact one on one with what I like to call my fans.
    I'd be happy to send you a copy of AVOIDING THE POTHOLES. It currently is in the hands of an agent and I'm waiting to see what she plans to do. I haven't been "accepted" as a client yet but I have a real sense of connection to this person and I'm hoping....
    Write to my email, and let's discuss how to proceed. As for taking a star trail shot, it's good to know where Polaris is located. Since I promise in this post to send a print, I will honor that promise if you've got a favorite. Again, thanks.
    You've made my day.


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