Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I've spent a while working on this cover design.  I took the RV from another photo taken at Pyramid Lake.  It wasn't our RV, but it was perfectly situated.  It even  had a boat attached, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't include the boat.  In Photoshop terms, that means a bit more work.  I may yet try it, but I'm going for simplicity of composition.  All pics in this cover are mine.  I would love your feedback.


  1. For me, Art, the picture is perfect, with this huge colorful sky of stars. No need to add anything and you also should not take anything. This is a beautiful photo. I'm thinking the romanticism of a couple of lovers enjoying this wonder. Hugs.

  2. Remisson, I agree, no boat. An earlier title for the book was "Green Highway", which got lost in the grass but contributed its color to the road. BTW, the constellation is Auriga, the bright star near the center is Capella. Thanks for being a consistent supporter. And, oh yes, this is the trip that my wife and I made to Arches National Park, a romantic
    journey indeed. It's all in the book.


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